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Glass can be decorated in a number of way to make it a piece of art by adopting any of the processes or their combination. The main decorating processes are making, sand blasting, etching, engraving, making textures, grooving, colouring and staining.

Artist can achieve almost any perceivable impression by combining one or more of these operations.

Though decoration of glass is more a work of art and is mostly accomplished in glass studios, SIG has specialized division comprising of some artists, some engravers and computer graphic designers to provide for most of these requirements. Most decorative glasses can be tempered, laminated or double glazed after decoration.

Decorated glasses are extensively used in the interiors in partitions, furniture, inner doors and shower installations etc. On the exteriors, images, signages and company names or logos can be made on the entrance doors or partitioning members as well as display windows.

The customer may provide specific designs or tracings with proper explanation or SIG artist can help you draw your creative ideas into reality.